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Customer Demand Profiles


What is the benefit to our customers by using a Demand Profile?

A demand profile ensures we grow what our customers want...when they want it.  This is one of the reasons Lifetime Natural Organic Farm can provide some of the freshest produce possible.


EXTENDED SHELF LIFE: Our produce enjoys an extended shelf life because we stagger plant according to the demand profile.  In addition, our produce is particularly hardy due to our bio-intensive farming.  And we deliver it withing 48 hours of harvest.

WIN-WIN-WIN: The consumer enjoys the freshest produce, our customers minimize spoilage loss and we grow only what is needed.

County, City, University, & Commerce all Working Together for the Community
Lifetime Natural Organic Farm is honored to partner with Macon County (AL), the city of Tuskegee (AL), and Tuskegee University.   
This combination of cooperation between governments and the College of Agriculture, Environment & Nutrition Sciences (led by Dr. Walter Hill) is committed to helping us build a successful farm that benefits our customers and the citizens of Tuskegee while providing hands-on organic farming opportunities to the university's agricultural students.


USDA Certified Organic vs. "Naturally Grown"
The USDA establishes the rules & regulations for the production, handling, labeling, and enforcement of all Certified Organic produce sold in the US.   This includes: Land being contaminate-free for 3 years prior to use; Buffer zones to prevent "run-off" contamination from neighbors, and; Verification that the produce, from seed to harvest, is kept free from contamination.
"Naturally grown" products have NO federal standards.  The land they are grown on may contain contaminants, and there is no federal enforcement to ensure that the seeds and produce remain free from herbicides and pesticides, whether accidental or otherwise.
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